15.03.2016: CONFERENCE MIPIM le 15/03/2016 à 15h


"​About 3 years ago, Louis Paillard made the decision to design and build all his architectural projects in BIM in order to efficiently manage costs, time and innovation.

This approach allows to centralize and collaborate around all the information and models of each stakeholder of the project.
Thanks to the BIM process and Autodesk® Revit® software, we coordinate our efforts in a very efficient way.
This methodology allows to collaborate seamlessly altogether (Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Owners…) and simultaneously on a single building model.
We permanently work on a constantly up-to-date Digital Model to make our projects evolve from design until construction.
It’s all about working in a very efficient and proactive way with all our Partners. Therefore, communication in realtime through modeling facilitates and optimizes data transmission in the perspective of delivering a Great and Mastered Architecture.

​Our ambition: “Building before constructin​g​”

​Louis Paillard​.

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